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At Nate Bruns Fitness, LLC we understand the importance of personal training programs and provide custom solutions for our clients. Our staff of highly-educated fitness professionals help motivate our clients to achieve their personal goals and aspirations.

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Personal Training

Nate is able to accommodate any fitness level making your experience both effective and enjoyable. He has worked with hundreds of personal training clients ranging from professional & NCAA Division 1 Athletes (basketball players, cheerleaders, etc.) to older individuals in their 80’s. Each client has reached success with the professional assistance and dedication that Nate has to offer.

One-on-One personal training sessions give you the opportunity to work privately with Nate. You will receive his undivided attention while focusing solely on your goals. Your program will be comprised of an individualized workout regimen designed to meet your personal goals and needs.

Group Training enhances the feeling of camaraderie and friendly competition, making your workouts fun and effective. The program is designed to suit all members of the group with special attention paid to body mechanics.  Nate provides you with a personalized workout tailored to meet your goals during each group session.


Operation: Get Fit Bootcamp

This high-energy workout is ideal for clients seeking a total body workout by combining strength, endurance and flexibility. The class is designed to reach maximal results for every fitness level.

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Kansas City Speed & Sport

Nate is a Strength & Conditioning coach and Co-Owner at Kansas City’s premier sports performance training facility. At Kansas City Speed & Sport, the trainers and training programs are all focused on helping you become the Ultimate Athlete on and off the field.  The staff provides a highly intense and motivating atmosphere for all ages and fitness levels.

Kansas City Speed & Sport is located in Leawood, KS at 2305 W 143rd St.

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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

In today’s work force, employers are actively looking for ways to increase the productivity, enthusiasm, and job satisfaction of their employees while also reducing health care costs. Nate Bruns Fitness, LLC helps employers promote these characteristics in employees by developing wellness programs that motivate employees to become healthier individuals. Nate is currently the exclusive trainer for world-class companies.

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Nate Bruns, M.S. in Exercise Science, ACSM

Nate BrunsWelcome to my Website. Whenever I get asked why I chose Personal Training as a career, my answer is simple; I absolutely love fitness, and I enjoy helping others reach success. I love my job so much that my college career was molded around becoming the best personal trainer that I could possibly become.

I believe that fitness is the fun way to a healthy life. If you are willing to put in the hard work required for success, you will have fun along your quest to a healthier life. My goal for my clients is to help them be as efficient and effective with their workouts as possible, while still enjoying their time in the gym. I have had many of my clients over the years tell me that their work outs with me are the highlight of their day; I cannot tell you how great of a feeling this is to hear. The only thing I can even remotely compare it to goes something like this…it’s like kicking back on the beach with a Corona in hand taking in the beautiful views while a Jack Johnson song plays in the background. Now that is tough to compete with!

I graduated from the University of Kansas where I received my Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. Although I had already been personal training for more than three years before I attended grad school, I decided on attending grad school so that I could become a more knowledgeable personal trainer. I wanted to learn EVERYTHING about exercise, physical activity, muscles, the energy systems, nutrition, etc. Those 2 years in graduate school opened my eyes to how incredible the human body truly is. The choice to attend grad school ended up being completely worth it. I also received my Bachelor’s Degree at KU in Business Management and Leadership with a concentration in Sport Management.  I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for nearly 10 years and have helped hundreds of clients reach their health & fitness goals.

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Primary Fitness Goals

 My primary goal is to lose weight and get toned.
 My primary goal is to get stronger.
 My primary goal is to train for a running, cycling, triathlon, or sporting event.


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