Corporate Wellness

       In today’s work force, employers are actively looking for ways to increase the productivity, enthusiasm, and job satisfaction of their employees. Promoting these characteristics in employees is critical for a successful business. World-class companies are always looking for ways to create a positive work environment for their employees.

       Although there are many ways to increase employee productivity, implementing an exercise and wellness program can pay huge dividends. The ultimate goal of a corporate wellness program is to improve the physical and mental health of all employees. Likewise, a major objective of a corporate wellness program is to increase job satisfaction and productivity of employees. As a side benefit, with improved health of employees, the amount a company spends on health care and related costs should decrease.

       A study reported in the Journal of Exercise Physiology (2003) looked at the relationship between physical fitness and employee productivity, job satisfaction, and absenteeism. The results of the study reveal that regular exercise significantly improves productivity in the workplace. For example, the maintenance or improvement of muscular strength enables individuals to perform tasks with less physiological stress. Moreover, the study reveals that those who exercise on a regular basis have significantly higher job performance ratings than those who do not exercise. The study concludes, “this research should add valuable insight into the benefits of instituting exercise programs within the work-site.”

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