Nate Bruns, MS, ACSM is a Personal Trainer in Kansas City who has helped hundreds of clients reach ultimate success of their fitness & health goals.  He believes exercise is the fun way to healthy life.  Let him help you reach your goals today!

Andrea lost 89 lbs and over 42 inches in 7 months!

Overland Park Personal Training

Nate Bruns Fitness, LLC offers 3 different types of personal training options to suit your desires:

One-on-One Personal Training: These type of Personal Training sessions give you the opportunity to work privately with Nate. You will receive his undivided attention while focusing solely on your goals.  Your personal training program will be comprised of a personalized program designed to meet your individual goals and needs. Nate will instruct, motivate and correct form every step of the way in order to ensure the safety and efficiency of your training.


Group Personal Training (3+ clients):  This type of Personal Training provides the most bang for your buck.  This style of personal training enhances the feeling of group camaraderie and friendly competition, making your workouts fun and effective. The program is designed to suit all members of the group with attention paid to safety and the specific needs of each individual.  Group training is virtually personal training in a group setting. Moreover, each individual will receive their own personalized workout.


Tandem Personal Training (2 clients):  This type of Personal Training is a great way for couples, family members or friends to workout together and have fun while doing so.  Working out with a partner is a great for holding each other accountable and to provide extra motivation.


Nate prefers to conduct his personal training sessions at FitnessQuest (located at 143rd and Kenneth Rd), but he is willing to accommodate your preference and travel to your house, office or gym of choice.  Feel free to give Nate a call to discuss personal training in more detail.